Pascal Nderitu: Polamco

Pascal Nderitu stumbled into the field of sustainable energy development after a referral from a friend. The referral quickly turned into something bigger, something that kept him awake at night until he finally started Polamco, a company dedicated to sustainable energy by designing and installing wise energy alternatives. Taking on the continent one solar lamp at a time, Polamco is becoming South Africa’s next giant of sustainable energy.

After growing up in Kenya, Pascal went on to finish a degree in Computer Systems Design. Thereafter he went on to work for various multinational companies where he was granted the opportunity to work and travel across the globe. “I am who I am today because of having traveled, lived, worked and interacted from people all over the world, and I have never looked back,” Pascal chips in excitedly. Life in the corporate world, however, could not contain Pascal, “I became fed up of being answerable to toxic, insecure Leaving his travels behind him, Pascal tried his hand with many IT-related ventures. “In IT I achieved some success, but for some reason, I always felt pigeon-holed and therefore unable to think laterally.” After a friend nudged him into the direction of sustainable energy, Polamco was born and Pascal never looked back. “I have found my purpose and I enjoy what I’m currently doing. I am the architect of my own destiny, and the money and goodies will follow upon that.”

“Sustainable development is not about government handouts to those in need but also creating an environment that in the long term benefits and transforms lifestyles.” Pascal’s dream for Polamco is to ensure that it’s brand of portable solar lamps become a pervasive feature as phones amongst the population off the national grid throughout the whole of Africa. “My dream project would be to take an entire town off the national electricity grid and use that experience to develop an iterative model which becomes the benchmark for sustainable development in the renewable energy sector.” The BT/ISUZU/Rennies Supplier and Development workshop was Pascal’s first experience with MEDO, and asking him where he sees this relationship going he merely answers, “to infinity”. “On this programme I learned that building a business requires knowledge, patience, hard work and a thick skin. If you fail, fail fast, get up, dust yourself off and consider changing direction.”

“Entrepreneurs need the know-how to navigate the complex procurement processes of large corporations while at the same time giving these organisations while at the same time giving these organisations the assurance that the SMME can deliver on expectations,” Pascal furthers around his experience of supplier development. he explains that in this regard what he takes away from the programme is diligence. “If your business is to succeed, you have to be diligent and accountable to yourself and your stakeholders.”

Pascal has big plans for the future of Polamco. He doesn’t just want to branch out internationally, he wants to transform the way people use energy. In ten years he sees Polamco as a multi-million dollar company, majority-owned by staffers, “Our pace will not be dictated by investment bankers, but by our own capabilities.” Pascal’s light is burning bright, and MEDO is only stoking his fire, sustainably of course…

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