Watch: MEDO Supplier Development Programme

Supplier Development is becoming one of the most important focuses in South Africa with the revised BBBEE codes. Since 2012 MEDO has been spearheading intense workshop programmes nationally, aiming to empower entrepreneurs by providing training to assist those who have the ability to scale to the big leagues. Taking on one business at a time, see how our entrepreneurs are moving forward to become some of the most sought-after suppliers to major corporates around:

Want to know more about Supplier Development?

September Third Thursdays: Garreth Bloor and Cycling Legends

On the third Thursday of every month, we host a live talkshow discussion with Councillor Garreth Bloor from the City of Cape Town along with some exclusive guests. We are hoping you would join us in a virtual capacity for an event circling around cycling, opportunity and the theme of breaking down barriers.  

MEDO interview with Councillor Garreth Bloor

On Thursday 19 March, MEDO had it's inaugural "Third Thursday Discussion" featuring Councillor Garreth Bloor. Councillor Bloor is a public representative of the City of Cape Town and member of the Mayoral Cabinet. After an in-depth interview with MEDO CEO Judi Sandrock, Councillor Bloor opened the floor to a Q&A session from the audience that consisted of various corporates, executives and entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more info on our next event, this is sure one to diarise!

The BBBEE Advantage

Grant Thornton’s managing director of verification services, Jenni Lawrence sat down with Carla de Klerk to discuss the changing BBBEE codes and the potential advantages it can hold for corporates and the economy.


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